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About the artist

I am an emerging artist having graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016. 

The figure dominates my work as I am fascinated with its continuous changes.  My work explores ideas of the contemporary female experience, commenting on themes such as feminism, female culture, excess, private pleasures and body image anxiety. Focusing on the tension between desire and consumer culture, my recent work explores the contradictory emotions relating to female consumption habits, such as anxiety, addiction, longing and pleasure.

Primarily working with oil on canvas or linen, I use my own photography as the basis for my painting compositions. I draw inspiration from contemporary culture such as fashion, print and digital media, film, music and poetry. 

I am consciously pursuing ways of interrupting the surface and destabilising the image with a combination of various painting techniques. Keeping images fragmented, with areas of highly rendered detail alternating with areas of texture or flat colour and the absence of context, allows the figure to occupy its own subjective space.

My aim is to develop a visual language that reflects contemporary concerns of where we are now and to explore the boundaries of stereotypes and our perception of ‘normal’, observing the line between aesthetic beauty and the darker aspects of female culture.



2016  Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art, South Australia

2011  Associate Degree in Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art

Group exhibitions:

2017   Peculiar Portraits Art Prize, Melbourne

Finalist, Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Award, Brisbane

Finalist, Royal South Australian Society of Arts/SALA Portrait Prize, Adelaide

Star Portrait Artist, Loreto SpringART, Loreto College, Maryatville

On the Cusp, SALA, East Borough Eatery, Glen Osmond

Praise You, Ambush Gallery, Sydney

FRAN Fest Poster Project, ACE Open Gallery, Adelaide

All about her, FRAN Fest, Ensemble Gallery, Adelaide

Adelaide Finalist, Cliftons Art Prize, Cliftons Gallery, Adelaide

Wish you were here, Adelaide Central School of Art

Finalist, Prospect Portrait Prize, Prospect Gallery

Colour me, PRAXIS Gallery, Bowden

Keep the lights on, Floating Goose Gallery, Adelaide

2016   Sensory Narratives, Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide Central School of Art

           Wish You Were Here, Adelaide Central School of Art

           10x10 Exhibition, Adelaide Central School of Art

           Finalist, Emma Hack Art Prize, Adelaide Festival Centre

           Finalist,Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize “Who Is Looking At You”

2015   Finalist, Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Award, Brisbane

           10x10 Exhibition, Adelaide Central School of Art

           Loreto Spring Art Show, Adelaide

           SALA, Kensington Galleria, Adelaide

           St Ignatius Art Show, Adelaide

           The Salon Hang, Floating Goose Studios, Adelaide

           Goolwa Art & Photographic Exhibition