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Behind the Canvas: Interview by Clique Magazine, November 2016.

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Hear from Janine and some of her 2016 Bachelor of Visual Art Honours and Graduates in this short film of interviews by Sasha Grbich from the Adelaide Central School of Art.

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Finalist, Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize “Who is Looking at You”, 2016 ‘Phoebe in the dress she can’t afford’ - oil on canvas 102cm x 76cm Finalist, Emma Hack Art Prize, Adelaide, 2016 Michael, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm Finalist, Lethbridge 10 000  Small Scale Award, 2015 Chloe, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm

A few snaps of my work at the opening of the Adelaide Central School of Art’s Graduate exhibition with some of my lovely models.


Thank you to Rachel Darling from RADELAIDE for including me in this article…..


First up, happy International Women’s Day for 2017, everyone! — and we mean, EVERYONE. Not just women. The word ‘feminism’ can sometimes get a bad wrap because, like most things, some people tend to take it just that little bit too far (Ahem... we’re talking to you Melbourne, with your new pedestrian symbols in dresses. Because women don’t wear pants...?)

Aaaaanyway, we’re here to celebrate feminism and women — not man-hating or social shaming. Feminism is simply about equality and the right to choice. International Women’s Day is about celebrating women and how far feminism has come. Men are most welcome to celebrate this day as well — because why not celebrate our mothers/girlfriends/wives/ amazing female friends? We all have at least one woman in our lives that we should be celebrating today, so let’s all keep it positive! To help you do so, here are 5 female Adelaide artists who celebrate feminism and womanhood through their innovative and thought-provoking artwork. These sisters be doin’ it for themselves (and your peepers) — so get scrolling through their Instagram pages for some feminist inspo.

Janine Dello is an Adelaide painter who explores feminism through portraiture and life-like studies of the female body. On her instagram account, Dello claims to ‘navigate female obsessions and vulnerabilities,’ and after just one scroll of the thumb it is clear that is exactly what she does. Thought-provoking and conversation-starting, Dello’s works are intricate and impressive, with seemingly provocative images portraying a much more involved message.

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SALA Festival - Group Show, 1-31 August, 2017

I am exhibiting along with 5 other emerging artists - Kate Dowling, Sharyn Ingham, Cathy Milne, Evy Moschakis and Malcolm Richards.

Opening night drinks on Wed 2 August at East Borough Eatery, 96 Osmond Road, Parkside, SA


My painting ‘I’ve Always Got Tomorrow’, oil on linen, is a finalist in the Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award.  Exhibition at the Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane, 9 - 18 June 2017.


Thank you to Masya Zabidi from the Adelaide University Art History Club for the feature on Collage, July 2017.

The capricious and complex nature of emotions of are skilfully captured in Janine Dello’s colourful portraits of women. In our latest spotlight, Janine tells us about her future exhibitions, and what she would like to see in the Adelaide art scene. Q: Hi Janine! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Continue reading

This original artwork 'Bloom', oil on Arches paper, will be part of the all-female group exhibition "Praise You", at @ambushgallery Sydney from Sept 8, supporting The Butterfly Foundation. Celebrating body positivity and female support in the creative community. Created and curated by @lusidart.

The following is an interview I gave for Praise You;

You’ve painted girls eating cupcakes, doughnuts and even getting scared by birds—what’s the idea behind painting girls with these stories? Also, can you please introduce yourself?

I am an emerging artist, having graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016.

From Fashion to Feminism, my work examines the connection between ambiguous emotions and the female consumer culture. For my graduate body of work last year, I painted women in the throes of not knowing whether to be anxious about the excesses we desire, or embrace them! The narratives depicted in my paintings hint at darker underlying meanings such as anxiety, obsession, seduction, pleasure and the impossibility of fulfilment. This concept is a reference to the logic – or ‘illogic’ – of female desire in consumer culture. I am interested in the relationship women have with consumption – both literally and metaphorically - so I use metaphors for feminized commodities, such as jewellery, decadent food and other symbolic, self-expressive items concerned with appearance.

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Honoured to be one of the artists in the 2017 Loreto SpringART Star Portrait event, featuring Olympian athlete Jess Trengove as the portrait subject.